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Are you always trying to keep up with your mates? Need to get ready for Race season or upcoming events? Do you want to master a new skill or have the confidence to ride a new trails? 

Ride In Peace Adventures offers a range of different coaching sessions. Our coaching sessions really let you to know your bike, perfect your body/bike position, practise cornering or learn about efficient braking techniques. Do you want to make the most from your gears and pedalling or master the techniques on ascent and descends. Everyone wants to have the confidence to try drop off and jumps. What about being race ready.

First try a Tastier session then sign up for Rider Development course of 6 custom coaching sessions aimed directly at your individual goals for the season or year or just to help you attain that next level of riding confidence. This courses takes place over a number of weeks and are based at convenient trail centres or over prearranged locations. The results will improve your performance not just by teaching new skills or techniques, but by structured practice and coaching so that you continuously refine and improve them.

Courses are based on the Cycling Scotland Go MTB award and British Cycling level 2 coaching session plans, adapted to the participants age, ability and fitness.

We are happy to run our courses can be run privately, one to one, or for groups 4 to 8 participants.

Coaching Session - Line choice - Pitfichie DH

Session 1

Getting to know your Bike

This first sessions is a tastier of everything from bike parts and biking basics  – mounting/dismounting, positioning, pedalling, braking, gears, cornering and terrain. Really get  to know your bike and your access your ability. 

To gain a greater understanding of biking , to understand how riding can be broken down into sections, to improve confidence and basic techniques, to begin to evaluate personal strengths and weaknesses (Course Goals)

Session 2

Bike / Body position

Basic position, track stands and slow speed balance, seat position, cone of Movement, pumping

To improve bike handling and balance, to increase bike/body position and movement

Session 3


Basic braking (front & rear), braking position, surface types, braking zones

To improve control of speed, to improve bike/ body positioning, to understand acceleration/ deceleration, to increase confidence

Session 4


Cornering basics, steering, leaning, banked turns, cornering spectrum, bike/ body positioning.

To improve cornering, to understand of different techniques and corner types, to improve coordination, balance and speed control, to increase confidence.

Session 5

Pedalling & gearing

Basic gearing, pedalling motion and timing, low vs high cadence , endurance vs power

To improve efficient pedalling position and technique, to increase physical fitness – Power & Endurance, awareness of proactive thinking

Session 6

Ascending & Descending

Basic position and techniques, weight to wheels distribution, gearing, braking/cornering, front & rear wheel lifts

To improve bike handling and bike/body movement, to improve ascent and descent techniques, to increase confidence, to gain a clear understanding of overall riding techniques and on trail uses

Session 7

Jumps and drops

Looking at position, techniques and movements needed for jumps and drops. 

To improve jumps and drops, to increase confidence, to gain a clear understanding of overall riding techniques on jumps and drops.

Session 8

Race training, sneak peeks

Getting Race Ready! get a sneak peek of potential trails used in coming events and races. Have a Look at line choice, features, keeping the flow throughout the race.  

To let riders have sneak peek of trails, features and lines for upcoming events and races in Aberdeenshire. To increase rider confidence to participate in races and events.

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Coaching Sessions