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Rider development session
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Learn the basics, master new skills and push your riding to new levels

Are you looking for more confidence on your bike? Are you struggling to keep up with your mates? Do certain trails make you feel worried?

We can help with that! You will improve your performance not just by learning new skills or techniques, but by structured practice and coaching so that you continuously refine and improve you riding.


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  • Improve bike handling
  • Learn movement to ride with confidence
  • Increase control


  • Improve confidence in corners
  • Learn techniques for each corner type
  • Improve balance, speed and control


  • Improve descending control
  • Increase climbing ability
  • Boost confidence in steep terrain


  • Control speed
  • Improve bike and body control
  • Increase confidence


  • Increase pedalling efficiency
  • Improve endurance
  • Terrain management and proactive thinking


  • Increase control when jumping
  • Ride trail features with confidence
  • More confidence in new terrain

Coaching Sessions

1:1 Skill  Session

A 1:1 Private skill session at the RIPA Bike Hub, is the best way to get started.
This initial skill session helps break down basic between Your Ability, your bikes performance & trail features. 
Our coaches will go through the basics of riding down into control, confidence level and riding consistency.

We concentrate on using some simple and fun bike skills to develop your mountain bike techniques. 

Group Skill Session

A Group skill session at the RIPA Bike Hub, is the most cost effecient way to get a session, Its a great way to challenges your friends and break down basic between Your Ability, your bikes performance & trail features. 

Sessions focus can be on any of the following riding skills:
Movement & Positions, Braking, Cornering, Pedaling & Gears, Steeps or Jumps & Drops. 

Every Session is tailored to the group of riders requirements so they get maximum benefit.

On Trail Coaching

For those that are taking the next step in their riding.

Put the practise to the test on some of Aberdeenshire best trails. 
Session focuses on good trail making decisions, line choice, practise on specific features and find flow to keep your wheels rolling.

These sessions are dependant on your past RIPA coaching experience and the most appropriate location & trail for developing your riding.  
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