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Let's get the kids riding their bikes! 

At Ride In Peace Adventures we want to get kids on their bikes. Learning safely, playing and practising their skills before getting them riding the trails. 

Here at the RIPA Bike Hub we want to create a pathway for all kids to be able to join and progress through. 

Kids Groups are made up by ages of kids, bike size & ability.

Mini RIPA session for kids ages 3-5 years old. 

Little RIPA session are for kids ages 6-12 Years old. 

RIPA Riders session are for teenagers 13-16 years old. 



For All Kids ages 3-5 Years old

Three different session to join;

1 - Balance Bikers - for kids on balance bikes but not pedalling yet. 

2 - Play on pedals - for kids learning to pedal. 

3 - Mini shredders - for those kids that ride beyond the age & size. 

RIPA Riders

For All Teenage Kids ages 13-16. 

Academy After school 

Teenage trail 

After School Blocks

During the summer months to coincide with the school terms we provide Little RIPA Beginners, intermediates and Academy sessions.


Term 4 - May to June 

Term 1 - August to October 

Little RIPA

For ALL kids ages 6-12 years old

There are two different ages groups to choose from to match there level of riding.

1 - Beginners session are for kids 6-9 years old. 

2 - Intermediate sessions are for kids ages 10-12

Holiday camps

Join the fun during the kids school holidays. 

Easter  – Tastiers

Summer  – skills and guided ride

October  – Challenge session 

Girls Only 

To help female mountain bike participation we are offering Girls only sessions.


Girls only skills sessions aimed at learning and developing mountain bike techniques while having fun with like-minded trail friends.

These cover the same Go MTB skills as our mixed sessions.

For all levels of abilities, experience and fitness welcome.

"Both our kids just loved the holiday camps."


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